Property Management

Teck Property Management has been providing professional property management throughout the South Sound for more than 20 years.Learn More


Maintenance & Remodeling

We have first hand experience with overseeing hundreds of fixes, remodels with our highly skilled maintenance team who will handle all of your property needs.Learn More


Rental Information

If you are interested in a specific single family  rental property in a quiet neighborhood or a commercial office property, please give us a call.Learn More

Looking for outstanding property management in the South Sound? Look no further!

Teck Property Management is your complete property management solution for the South Sound.

  • No upfront fees.
  • Highest rents paid by best tenants.
  • No long term commitment.
  • Trusted for many years.

Whether your investment property is a home, retail space, apartment or office building, Teck Property Management brings great dedication in delivering unsurpassed service and maximum profits to you monthly.


Next Steps…

At Teck Properties, “managing your investment with integrity” is more than just a motto, it’s the way we do business.  Our services ensure that we protect your property and get you the best financial return.

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