What are the top 3 things to look for when choosing a successful landlord?

1- Maintenance is crucial

Throw the trash away. Keep the lawn mowed. Clean the floors.....

Make the first impression memorable! In simple words, make your home look well-maintained and personable.

2- Be responsible and trustworthy

Treat guests and tenants with respect. Be a calm and act responsible to various situations that come about. Always offer a solution in a kind manner.

Make sure you're available most of the time for any issues. In situations of an emergency, be well behaved and co-operate with your tenants. It's your property and you should be their first call.

3- Create and work with a dependable team

Ensure that you delegate equally and communicate with all involved. You will be more efficient and save time and money when you work with informed individuals who have a passion and want to be on your team.

In conclusion, landlords will do better running their business by following a few of the above mentioned tips. Bottom line, work to keep your staff and tenants happy!



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